Time to End This Charade…How Can ANYONE Support Donald Trump For President?

Two weeks ago, I wrote this in utter outrage at the continued support for this vile piece of excrement that masquerades as something called human. After his latest missives – the banishment of Muslims from the United States, whether for humanitarian, business or recreational purposes – the entirety of this country has to disavow this unfortunate excuse of a person, toss him on his ass from the Presidential race and try to return to some semblance of normalcy. If we allow this to go on much longer, there won’t be a way to fix it.

Earl Burton


When it began a few months ago, it seemed a fun little charade. When billionaire…what the hell DOES he actually do anyway?…Donald Trump descended the escalator of his Trump Tower complex in New York that fateful day in June, no one could have envisioned what has happened. The moment he opened his mouth, the U. S. as a whole should have arisen as one and shut down this gasbag asshole before he even got into motion. The problem is now it may be too late.

From that meeting, Trump has been an unrestrained fountain of idiocy and there are enough mouth-breathers out there to lap up every drop of his gruel. In that supposedly celebratory introduction of his campaign to the U. S. voters, Trump immediately came out saying that he would push all illegal immigrants out and send them back to Mexico. Calling them “rapists and murderers” Trump…

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